My ex misses me, says she loves me, but she is living with her new man. What should I do if I want her back?

So my ex and I were best friends and we broke up about 5 months ago. We went through a really bad time and she decided to jump into something with some other guy, moved in with him and everything. anyhow she called me the other day, we saw each other and she doesn't know what to do now. She says she cries every day because she misses me, but he doesn't want her talking to me anymore, so she lies to him. She wishes that she hadn't left, but now she started a relationship with him and doesn't know what she really wants. SO . . . If I have want things to work out for us what should I do or not do?


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  • Uh let it or her go. IMHO it didn't work out, so it wasnt meant to be. I mean if she wanted to leave him she would. It would never be the same if you got back with her. But you can still be friends, it seems like she needs one. I think you deserve more and she apparently didn't care since she moved in with another guy. Just let it ride. Sit back, go out have fun and maybe you will meet someone when you least expect it. I personally never get back with my ex because it makes you look weak and insecure. I mean you did break up for a reason so let it be. Good luck.

    • There were a lot of things surrounding the break up. A head on collision and our baby min-pin was hit and killed by a car when we left her over a friends house. All this happened so fast. I agree with you though, I need to let her go and let it ride itself out.


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  • it's probably best that you don't do anything, because it'll only make you look like the bad guy who made her and her boyfriend split up. you should wait til she makes a decision. and only if the decision is that she's going to break up with her current boyfriend, then you two can do your thing. but if you start anything with her before she's ended things, then you'll just look bad and it'll cause drama.

    • I agree. She needs to make up her mind. I got a call from her yesterday and things are bad. And when I say bad I mean, her life is completely different now. She went from a guy that gave her everything to a guy that has nothing. They had to move in with his mom.

  • Tell her that you want her back to but she has to leave her guy she's with now.


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  • So she's with another guy already?

    And YOU haven't moved on?

    She's not on the market and IF she cared about you like you hope then she'd change that. Since she hasn't then you need to move along. Stop trying to break up her next relationship or imagining that she wants to be anywhere other than exactly where she is.


    Good luck.

    • Thanks for the advice. I have moved on since then. Just took a little while for my heart to catch up with my mind. My mind was saying,"What the hell are you thinking?" and my heart was like,"I know, I know. I'll be there in a second."lol

  • OK listen if she is lying to him what is to say she wouldn't lie to you? If she is with someone and say's she misses you she will do the same if she were with you. Things happen for a reason. Best let whatever happens happen but don't be the reason a break up happens. If she really missed you she wouldn't still be with this guy so it shows you something. Actions speak louder than words.

    • "If she really missed you she wouldn't still be with this guy" Very true. And why would I want someone who can't decide. I mean this is Me we are talking about and that she make the decision pretty easy. =)

  • Tell her that you still have feelings for her. Say like you knwo she has feelings for you to. Which you don't know, just seem confident! Then be all like, "I don't know if I can go on without you." if she admits she still has feelings for you.

    • So I told her exactly how I felt when we first talked. I layed it all out of the table. She knows and now I think that the best thing to do is to worry about me. I still care though. Its hard not to.