I found 2 female numbers in my boyfriend's phone. Does that mean he is cheating on me?

I want to bring it up but I know its gonna start an argument so what do I do I feel like he hiding something and he know I know?


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  • Maybe he wants to setup a four-some. Why you being so judgemental? You might enjoy it too!

    ok... sorry.. couldn't resist. :)

    One is probably his mom, and the other is his sister. You should be jealous, because he will never feel the same way about you as he does his mother, or feel towards you the same way as he does his sister!

    ok... sorry... couldn't resist.

    I'll be serious this time. Maybe. These two girls could be hookers, and he is helping them find clientele for a comission (basically, that makes your Boyfriend a pimp).

    lollll OK ok OK, no more jokes!

    The REAL reason why he has two female numbers - because at some point or another, he intended to call or did call them, or the numbers were given to him with an expectation that he would call.

    hahhaa :)


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  • Seriously? paranoid much?

  • these are females you don't know correct? like there not friends of his... and no it doesn't mean he is cheating on you. Sometimes I get numbers for projects at work or people I go to grad school with that happen to be female and I don't think twice about telling my girlfriend because their not my friends just acquaintances and a resource I can use to help me at work or grad school

  • well it's going to start an argument because of invasion of privacy. Would you like it if he took your pads out of your trash can in your bathroom and threw them outside your door? No?

    He should have locked his phone better for cases like this. If he is cheating he should tell you if not, There can be obvious clues you can Google them.

  • Sorry but if that's all you got then that's just paranoid and unfounded mistrust. Do you not have any guys number in your phone?

    I have about 50 numbers of girls in my phone. Does that make me a VERY BUSY cheater? I don't think so.

  • No, those are probably family members or friends of his.

  • No, it means you invaded his privacy. If you brought it up with me I would dump you.

  • You're trolling, right?

  • nope. they can be his friends or acquintances

  • Whose to say?

  • No, Trust him. If you Trust and ask frankly, he will tel true


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  • You kidding me?

    If he had an all male phone list I'd be worried he was gay.

    It just means he has 2 girl friends. Calm down.

  • All you found is numbers? REALLY? Unless you found incriminating messages attached to those numbers, you're overreacting. Just because your boyfriend is in contact with females doesn't mean he's doing anything with them. You should try to trust your boyfriend because you could quickly make a problem where there isn't one.

  • call them. say something like, " hi, I'm checking on my boyfriend, as we all should do, before we wreck our brains out.' oh, he's not seeing you? that's great! OK, thanks!, bye!

  • First calm down. It's probably tnot a big deal, but I'd call them. Say your checking on your boyfrined. And then go to recent calls and delete them, and the avidence is gone. And if he is cheating on you, approach him about the numbers.

  • Very probably not - I've had bf's with female friends and its never a been a bad thing - a mix of friends of both sexes is generally a good thing. Give him the benefit of the doubt, concentrate on your relationship with him and get to know his friends - it will probably help ease doubts.