I found 2 female numbers in my boyfriend's phone. Does that mean he is cheating on me?

I want to bring it up but I know its gonna start an argument so what do I do I feel like he hiding something and he know I know?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Maybe he wants to setup a four-some. Why you being so judgemental? You might enjoy it too!

    ok... sorry.. couldn't resist. :)

    One is probably his mom, and the other is his sister. You should be jealous, because he will never feel the same way about you as he does his mother, or feel towards you the same way as he does his sister!

    ok... sorry... couldn't resist.

    I'll be serious this time. Maybe. These two girls could be hookers, and he is helping them find clientele for a comission (basically, that makes your Boyfriend a pimp).

    lollll OK ok OK, no more jokes!

    The REAL reason why he has two female numbers - because at some point or another, he intended to call or did call them, or the numbers were given to him with an expectation that he would call.

    hahhaa :)