Why hasn't my boyfriend said he loves me yet?

he has been extremely over-affectionate since the beginning we are going overseas together for several months soon and it just feels weird we have not said to each other we love each other. I am waiting for him to say it first as I had an unpleasant experience with my ex in the end on the subject so I am little nervous of being rejected if I said it first.

i feel he does love me, just wondering why he hasn't said it we have been together 6 months


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  • why does e have to _say_ it. you feel it, so he IS saying it. not verbally. verbal communication is only 10% of overall communication. don't put so much pressure on yourself& him. its just a bunch of words. people usually say it to shirk off showing it. if you're happy with how you two are acting towards, one another than be glad for that,

    hes not your ex, you shouldn't be holding this relationship acountable for a previous one. if he was your ex, you wouldn't be with him, so that's totally irrational.

    if you must have it said, say it. otherwise stop worrying about it.


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  • Probably the same reasons as you.

  • The girl says it first.

  • I told my girl that I wouldn't say it first so when she is redy for her to. Worked!

  • "I am waiting for him to say it first"

    And there is your problem.

  • He's not going to say it until he really means it.

  • maybe he is scared to say it? It seems as if you are only concerned about your own feelings

  • He hasn't said it because he still isn't comfortable saying it. Doesn't matter how much time has passed, that's a very serious thing to say so he's taking his time.


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  • People love each other at different rates. Eventually he will feel that way about you, there is no time line on when he should say.

    Just continue going with the flow and with time he will say it when he means it.

    If you already love him, then you can say it to him (even though it may hurt you that he doesn't yet feel that way about you). He will has your relationship progresses.

    Never withhold how you feel about someone. Tell him if its the way you feel.

  • girl, I've been in a relationship with my boyfriend for 14 months and still no "I love you", but we feel good with each other. There have been some stuff we've overcome together, and during those situations we might have not felt fully in love or that we actually LOVED the other. However, I think that for some people it takes a lot of time to be ready or to be aware of the importance of those words. And for the people like us (boyfriend and I), when we say "i love you", there is no second guessing or confusion, and there won't be room for regrets.

    I'd say... wait some time for a solid "I love you", instead of the ones that come and go and are easily broken and forgotten. Good things take their time.

  • I said it to my boyfriend first after four months.

    Judging other things we said to each other, I could tell he felt that way toward me, and I knew I felt that way! At first, I was just going to wait on him only because I didn't want him to pressure him into saying it, but I ended up blurting it out anyways. :P

  • I love you is 3 very big and meaningful words that could ever be said guve him time maybe he will say it or maybe since he is a guy and guys don't like to admit there feelings to girls he is waiting on you to say it first only way to no is to wait and see or take the chance and say it yourself

  • six months? Six months is nothing. If he doesn't say it after a year, I'd be worried.

  • it's a big deal so I guess he want to really mean it