Why hasn't my boyfriend said he loves me yet?

he has been extremely over-affectionate since the beginning we are going overseas together for several months soon and it just feels weird we have not said to each other we love each other. I am waiting for him to say it first as I had an unpleasant experience with my ex in the end on the subject so I am little nervous of being rejected if I said it first.

i feel he does love me, just wondering why he hasn't said it we have been together 6 months


Most Helpful Girl

  • why does e have to _say_ it. you feel it, so he IS saying it. not verbally. verbal communication is only 10% of overall communication. don't put so much pressure on yourself& him. its just a bunch of words. people usually say it to shirk off showing it. if you're happy with how you two are acting towards, one another than be glad for that,

    hes not your ex, you shouldn't be holding this relationship acountable for a previous one. if he was your ex, you wouldn't be with him, so that's totally irrational.

    if you must have it said, say it. otherwise stop worrying about it.