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Love at first sight - how can you tell?

How do you know if its love at first sight? How can you tell when you fell in love with someone you've never even spoken too!!

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  • The girls are right here, you are infatuated... not in love. But one thing no one else mentioned is that infatuation is the first step in Love, so take a chance. Like Sweetecho said, you don't know anything about this guy, but try and talk to him... you may be surprised. I believe that sometimes you CAN fall in love at first sight, but it is a continuous, progressive emotion that takes time, energy, and mutual feelings to develop. Take the time for love and above all, have fun with your life. Hope this helps, Kyle

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  • That is not possible that is infatuation.

  • You'll know when it happens to you. It's like you feel kind of a bond. Not describable really...

  • Honestly, I never believed in love at first sight until it happened. I didn't even know anything about this guy but the first day he walked into class, I just felt that we'd be together, which is weird cos I wasn't even attracted to him! But over time we got to know each other, which was completely random and we started hanging out. We hit it off and clicked immediately. I've never felt anything like this before, it's a great feeling though. He's my complete opposite in some aspects but in others, I can understand how we mesh so well. It just works.

  • Love isn't something a person can describe to you. You will know when you fall in love. Love at first sight isn't always love. Most of the time it's just physical attraction. Don't think love is what people describe in the media. Love is far better and you won't get it until you have felt it. It's hard to explain. I think it's just physical attraction but that does weigh in to being in love.

  • Its not love, its lust, you need to actually get to know someone to really love them for who they are.

  • Love at first sight isn't really possible. The only thing you feel for that person the moment you see them is attraction. If love at first sight was possible, everyone would be falling in love all over the place. The only way you can know if you truly love someone is if you talk to them and get to know their personality. You don't know a person just by simply looking at them. At first glance, you can't tell if someone is obsessed with themselves, or loves football or has a huge craving for apple pie now and again. Those type of things you have to find out by talking to the person. It's like in those movies where a shy girl thinks she's in love with the school jock, but once she talks to him she realizes he's a huge jerk.

  • You get a gut feeling. It's everything about them the way they walk talk dress act.... they're beautiful in your eyes. Love is so impossible to explain... you just have to feel it in your heart and believe what your instincts are telling you! You should talk to this person and get to know them! You never know it could turn into a wonderful relationship!

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