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After which date do you usually become exclusive?

When do you decide to make things official between you and your partner

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Okay many people are saying that it is more time dependant than date dependant therefore I'd like to know how long does it usually take

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  • I tihnk that really depends on the couple, what kind of relationship they're each looking for (long-term, casual, FWB), how well things are going between them, and when the topic of being exclusive comes up.

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What Girls Said 9

  • if you guys have good rapport and are on the same page, it's whenever you feel like

  • Until it feels right.

  • when you both agree its what you want..

  • I would say about 2 months into it, you should know whether you want to become exclusive with the person or not.

  • about around the third date.

    • Seriously?

    • well I shouldn't really say that but like around 3 or fourth months it becomes official

  • It's all about feelings not the number of dates...

  • I would say within six weeks you know whether or not you're going to stick with this person. That's what, two months? Presuming that you're interested in each other and communicating regularly, that doesn't leave too much time and energy for dating other people. If your focus on the person (during your free time) is "lazy" and you find yourself to still be curious about dating other people, then it's not meant to be an exclusive relationship, not matter how many dates you've been on.

  • When he asks me! I don't really like dateing, I perfer hanging out because I don't have the time to date. I have school, sports practices and just life in general. I like hanging out between classes, an hour before waterpolo practice. That kind of stuff. Maybe a actual date when the day is special, though! :)

    • Yeah I'm similar. I'll hang with a girl for awhile and get to know her and stuff and usually after I ask her out on one date it is usually enough to get exclusive

What Guys Said 6

  • Depends, could be as soon as the second (rare), or several later. People aren't machines, it varies based on many factors.

  • not sure but it have to be more than one or it have to be an incredible first date . usually I'd say things would have to obvivously be headed somewhere before I consider it exclusive .

  • it takes around two to 3 months or 8 dates.

  • 5 dates, 3 kisses, and sex 3 times

    • sex 3 times? when your not even exclusive yet?

  • If I like a girl enough to want to take her out, I'm exclusive to her. Now I'm not the kind of guy who's gonna try to pick up girls and actually get to know them through a date. I get to know them first, then see if I want to date them.

  • I think there's never a specific number or time when you should become official. It just... Happens. It depends on the couple and is never the same each time.

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