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Why is my Boyfriend is acting cold and neglectful all of a sudden?

I've been dating my boyfriend for 8 months. All was been great during that time. We were independent, but we really had a great time when we'd see... Show More

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  • My guess:

    He's met another girl. He's hitting the gym to impress her. He's preparing for a break up with you, but he's a little uncertain and he's guilty. He's being mean and distant, and hoping that you'll end it.

    If I'm correct, he's being a coward by avoiding the subject and provoking you into dumping him.

What Guys Said 2

  • A type of break-up is usualyl bound to occur to a couple about a year into a relationship. And it is pursued by only one partner. It is up to you and how you deal with it. Also this may be a way of asking how much he means to you and waht you would do to keep him.

    (research: Dr. James Dobson)

What Girls Said 2

  • im in the same boat with my husband.. I'm so sorry to hear about this your heart must be aching. I really hope things get better with you both love! I wish I had an aswer, but I can only give sympathy and love! xo!

  • I think he has met someone else and wants to end it but can't man up and say it. I don't think being extra nice to him is going to work, if anything being extra distant to him might change things but even that is not for sure.

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