Why is my Boyfriend is acting cold and neglectful all of a sudden?

I've been dating my boyfriend for 8 months. All was been great during that time. We were independent, but we really had a great time when we'd see each other. Then about 3 weeks ago, he starts going to the gym hardcore and taking on some diet and supplements and for a whole week he doesn't call me or have any desire to see me. When I did call him, he already had plans with friends or was tired, or something else. I demanded an answer, the following weekend I went to visit him and he came up with all these stupid reasons why we should break up. He still wanted to remain "friends" and I told him to buzz off. We didn't talk for a week and one day he asked if we could hang out for coffee. We wound up reconciling because he swore that he loved me and was really tender and nice, but after a few days he's not the same guy. He's mean to me, he doesn't call me or return calls and everything else, including sleep, is a higher priority. I asked him what was going on and he said, "nothing. I'm just tired with work". I've been extra nice to him hoping he'll realize how wonderful I am...but I think it may be backfiring and he's going to take advantage of me. What's up with this change of heart? Is this a game? I can't believe how someone who was so good to me, now treats me so badly. =(


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  • My guess:

    He's met another girl. He's hitting the gym to impress her. He's preparing for a break up with you, but he's a little uncertain and he's guilty. He's being mean and distant, and hoping that you'll end it.

    If I'm correct, he's being a coward by avoiding the subject and provoking you into dumping him.


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  • A type of break-up is usualyl bound to occur to a couple about a year into a relationship. And it is pursued by only one partner. It is up to you and how you deal with it. Also this may be a way of asking how much he means to you and waht you would do to keep him.

    (research: Dr. James Dobson)


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  • im in the same boat with my husband.. I'm so sorry to hear about this your heart must be aching. I really hope things get better with you both love! I wish I had an aswer, but I can only give sympathy and love! xo!

  • I think he has met someone else and wants to end it but can't man up and say it. I don't think being extra nice to him is going to work, if anything being extra distant to him might change things but even that is not for sure.