My boyfriend broke up with me but keeps texting me "i love you" & "im so sorry"

My boyfriend broke up with me this morning and keeps texting me that he loves me I don't know why? he keeps saying he has never loved anybody as much as he loves me and that he does want to be with me .I got mad at him for not having sex with me anymore so he broke up with me.He texted me 7 times today saying it hurts him that I think he is not attracted to me and that he loves me so much.then why break up with me? I love him more then I ever thought I could love anybody also.I don't know what to do should I try to call him later and talk or should I just leave it alone.If he broke up with me once he will do it again and I don't know if he wants me back should I just try and move on? I'm so upset I miss him so much already and he was my best friend to I even love his parents they are so nice to me and I'm buying a house and we just tols them 2 days ago he is going to move in with me and they were happy for us.I don't really have a family and I was starting to feel like I was part of his now that's all gone so what should I do?


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  • This is more of a disagreement...not a break up. Normally I'd advise against going back to the one who broke up with you..but under the circumstances, I think you would be ignorant not to continue the relationship. You guys need to work on your communication skills! Call him..say you want to meet and talk in person. IN PERSON! Talk and work this little problem out. Don't be quick to jump to conclusions next time.