Can one eventually marry their first love?

I know its possible, but does anybody know anyone or have any stories like this?

My girlfriend happens to be my first (I am like her 5th), but she and I have a very deep relationship going. She says that she has never been so attached to a guy in her life before, and that I am "perfect," for being my first relationship, "I do everything right," compared to her ex's.

My parents and brother tell me that I should "look around" before I settle with a woman, but is it possible that one can get lucky on the first person they fall in love with? She and I have a lot in common, we click very well, and it seems like we were practically made for each other.


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  • The very same thing is going through my head right now too.

    I'm so in love with my boyfriend, and he is very much marriage material.

    But he's my first love? I'm his first love. (First real love anyway - not counting silly little crushes and pointless relationships)

    I confided in a friend of mine, and she told me the story of her parents. They met and fell in love when they were 15 - split up when they both went their own seperate ways towards different Uni's - and then a number of years later they bumped into eachother, regained contact, and have now been married for a good 30 years!

    Keep up hope. (Y) Nothing's impossible!


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  • It is possible, but highly rare, especially these days. It seems no one really knows what they want.

    But actually my first love (who is now my ex but very good friend) his parents started dating at 12! Moved out and got their own place at 15, married at 21 and have been together ever since and are still in deep deep love!

    Makes me smile when I think about it, it just proves long term lasting true love is really out there.

  • you can't fix something if it's not broken right? Hey if your happy and in love and so is she who cares if its your first, if someone else comes along and makes you think twice about wanting to see what else is out there then I say go for it, but why mess with a beautiful thing. My parents started dating at 15 never dated anyone else and are still happily married 30 years later, so it can happen!


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  • It's possible but highly unlikely. The simple reality is that you have just as much a chance of winning the lottery. You have one thing going for you though, and that's your age. You've been around the block enough by your age to know what's what. You're mature and you're at a point in your life where you may actually be able to keep the promises you make to each other.

    As I said above, it's possible but highly unlikely. But you're in a better position where you are now in life to make sure it comes true than a teenager, that's for sure.

  • I think it can happen. My mom was my dad's first true love and first girl to be with. Dad was mom's 2nd true love. They have been married for 29 years now and are still happily married. They was in their late teens when they first met. So yeah I think it can happen.

    Currently my best friend and I are trying to start a real relationship. I don't think right now that she is marriage material, but I think she is definitely a keeper. I can't find any flaws in her and we have been friends for several years. We fell for each other over time. I think she is someone that I could eventually settle down with or at least try to settle down with...that might be the same as her being marriage material...idk thou.

  • Sounds great, the only way you can really know if she's right for you is if you look at it from an unbiased perspective. Talk to her family, your family, her friends and so on and see what they think. It's true, I know a few people who married their first love, and I know people who broke off engagements with their first love. The crucial thing is if you look at the relationship analytically and see if it would work out to prevent painful divorces/break-up later on. Other than that there should be nothing wrong with marrying your first love. You might want to ask somebody who has a lot of experience then they can tell you if they felt the same way about their first and when the second came along, the first was inferiorated. From her perspective though it would be great for her to marry you as "she has never been so attached to a guy in her life before", and she *does* have the experience. Good luck.

  • Well anything is possible, but the reality of it in today's times is not very likely. I thought that I was going to eventually marry my first I guess real love and so did she, and everything seemed to be going and well it doesn't work out, sometimes you grow apart from each other rather than closer. I dated her for like 4 almost 5 years so, it wasn't like I dated her for a month or anything like that, but it didn't work sucked for a while but I got over it and now I am happy doing my thing.

  • Highly unlikely.

    Most marriages start out like this; half of those end and most of the rest are borderline miserable.

    The red flag for me: she is referencing, and in love with, what she is getting. More sustainable love comes from a place of freely, and unconditionally, giving.

    But, ya never know for sure...

  • I know a girl who dated only 1 guy in high school and they eventually married. They have a child and have been married for about 5 years now. I went to their wedding. They dated for a few years before they got married also. They waited until they were in college for about 3 years before they were married. So there is a story about two teenage lovers who were meant to be together forever.

    This story is 100% true.