Can one eventually marry their first love?

I know its possible, but does anybody know anyone or have any stories like this?

My girlfriend happens to be my first (I am like her 5th), but she and I have a very deep relationship going. She says that she has never been so attached to a guy in her life before, and that I am "perfect," for being my first relationship, "I do everything right," compared to her ex's.

My parents and brother tell me that I should "look around" before I settle with a woman, but is it possible that one can get lucky on the first person they fall in love with? She and I have a lot in common, we click very well, and it seems like we were practically made for each other.


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  • The very same thing is going through my head right now too.

    I'm so in love with my boyfriend, and he is very much marriage material.

    But he's my first love? I'm his first love. (First real love anyway - not counting silly little crushes and pointless relationships)

    I confided in a friend of mine, and she told me the story of her parents. They met and fell in love when they were 15 - split up when they both went their own seperate ways towards different Uni's - and then a number of years later they bumped into eachother, regained contact, and have now been married for a good 30 years!

    Keep up hope. (Y) Nothing's impossible!