Please help!! Does he mean it when he says "I want you", "I care about you", etc.?

I have my own opinions but I just felt like asking the world out there... I'm in a long-distance friends with benefits relationship right now (if that's even possible). It didn't use to be long distance; we just recently got separated. I switched schools for a semester. But we've been fwb's for almost a year and a half now. Recently, 2 weeks ago, he's told me he cares about me through FB (facebook). We had this misunderstanding and I thought he didn't but he did and told me he does care about me, I just think too much about things, that's all. Which I won't even deny because I kind of do. lol. And when I went up to visit school again most recently which was a few days ago, (havent been there since around Valentines day) I'd texted him and asked if he'd wanted to hang out. He told was going to a party for his best friends party that night. I didn't reply. 15 minutes later he texts me again and said yea, he wanted me though. Hadn't seen me in a while, forgot how I kissed. Wow. See,... Show More