Confused and falling in love?

my best friend kissed me last week and confessed that he always had a crush on me, I always considered him my friend but after that kiss I really feel different in how I see him. When he told me all I was like surprised and really didn't knew what to say than to hug him. I feel that he was feeling unsure cause he called the next day first thing in the morning to see if I regretted what happened, when I said no he was relieved. The thing is I don't know what do I do from now on, I like him too and we Haven't spoke yet, I feel my heart so clouded wanting to call him but at the same time not trying to suffocate him. what is the best approach? I never intended for that to happen and now I feel confused. Has anyone had this experience? what did you do?


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  • My girlfriend and I started as friends. We both went through relationships while we knew each other. We both ended our relationships within a couple months of each other. She moved a bit away from me so we couldn't see each other as often, and the first time we saw each other after my breakup, we hung out and drank a bit while at a dance club. As we were laying in bed about to go to sleep, I asked her if it would be too much if I asked for a kiss, and she said no. That led to a make out session and eventually sex. After that things got a little weird, however a few months later after sorting things out, we've decided we should give a relationship with each other a try.

    There's a reason the idea that some of the best relationships are between people who start as friends. You already like each other, you know you're compatible socially, and if there's enough of an attraction to create the physical part of things, you have all the components you need to develop a strong bond and have a great relationship. I say you have a talk with him since it's clear he likes you and you like him, too. Pace yourself however you feel comfortable and don't rush it if it doesn't seem right to move so fast, but I think you two should give things a try. You're best friends, and attracted to each other - what more do you need?


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  • You have to have a long talk with him and see if this is just a passing crush or if he's really in love with you, fatally.

    What happens after that, that's up to you. It ca be anything from separating totally, to having a fling, or maybe going back to the status quo ante and forgetting the kiss ever even happened.

    Those are all viable options, depending on where you are at in your lives and how deep his feelings go.

  • Are you attracted to him? If so, then tell him that and ask him what the next step should be. Go on a date and see what happens. The best lovers come from the best friendships.

    Now if you are not attracted to him in that way -you need to have a talk. Be prepared that he will feel rejected and you may lose a friendship. But it is important that you both communicate. And yes, you can call him first..

    Good Luck

  • If you like him go out with him, usually staying friends won't work anymore in that situation. When one person likes another and it isn't mutual usually friendships end


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  • I see nothing wrong with what is going on. Call him if you want, if you are afraid that you are suffocating him, simply ask him if you are, whatever the answer is, is what it is. Frankly, I think you two are just fine.