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How do you react when other girls flirt with your boyfriend, or a guy you like?

I hate it when a girl talks to me and another girl who likes me sees and then she's permanently pissed off at me Does it make girls outrageously... Show More

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  • So this mostly happends when I like I guy or trying to pursue him because I always go after the cutest guy in school. So you know everyone already like him. Of course he is going to flirt with other girls and other girls are going to flirt with him because we aren't together and everyone likes him. I'm very territorial but I have to understand that I don't own him and even though I get jealous I do the same thing lol. I don't show my jealousy and more like I used to. I used to act like I'm made when I'm jealous to attract more attention to me but if he don't know what's wrong then he its gonna think I'm moody and there is always a problem with me. This happends to girls all the time! And that is what I call playing games. Girls don't like to see the guy they like flirting with other girls so they have to find a way to draw more attention and resort to fake attitudes. I don't do that anymore because you have to keep up with it and I always forget that I'm supposed to have one. Now I just keep my feeling of jealousy inside and just spend more time with him so I make sure I'm the one on his mind because then he will start liking me. There is always going to be flirts I mean what do we expect somebody that is attastched to you 24/7 lol, that annoying. Just make sure you spend more time with him if you want to be official.

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  • i'll just walk away and stop talking to him until he gets over it . only one of my ex bf's was like that. it's very annoying. I usually will look passively at her and just be like you are whatever, you want him? you can have him because if he's acting like this I deserve a better boyfriend lol

  • If some girl decided to flirt with my fiance I would not be very happy but wouldn't have to worry because he's quick to dismiss them and mention me. Before I was engaged I admit it would not make me happy when a girl would flirt with my boyfriend and often times I would let her know it wasn't ok. However, if she was flirting with a guy I liked I wouldn't do much or get angry as he was fair game and didn't belong to me.

  • Maybe it looked like you were flirting back.

    Or maybe it looked like you were enjoying the attention.

    If that's the case, then it's natural for your girl to get mad.

    But don't take it in a bad way, because all it means is, she actually cares about you.

  • Yes it makes me mad, but it also brings up feelings such as jealousy and the determination to beat down my competition ahha, and also it could even increase the attraction for the guy I like because it shows how other girls are openly flirting with him which means he is generally quite attractive..

  • hell yea I hate that sh*t.

    lots of sluts>8[

    and they do it on purpose to

  • Seriously I don't care when other girls flirt with a guy I'm see because I know they have no chance. It's almost flattering to have a guy other girls openly want. However say a girl was flirting with my guy and he started flirting back it would be complete hell for him. I believe that it's the guys actions that matter not hers.

    If I'm not dating him and I'd like to be I get a little jealous and competitive.

  • Not outrageously but sort of. You always want to at least act like its cool...to show your laid back and chilled. Never show that your jealous. :D Everyone gets jealous but smile and shrug it off cos at the end of the day its you that he's with.

    And if it's a guy you like and when he's talking to that "other girl" and looks back at you then he's probably trying to make you jealous or see how you react...don't look away just smile and he'll smile back and maybe walk over to you! :D

  • I'd get pretty annoyed with other girl. But Id be paying attention to how my boyfriend was responding to her...when a girl flirts, no one is forcing him to awknowledge the flirting, and flirt back.

  • if its just a guy I like I really don't care unless the girl is my friend and she know that I like him den that would get me mad. But if he my boyfriend well it depends if she trying to like touch him or moves way to close to hm that would get me mad yea. but I would wait to see his reaction will he go along with it or would he tell her that he got a girl. den that would be intresting!lol

  • I don't hate it exactly, I may get a little jealous. But then again I like the competition if a girl is really interested in a guy I like. Girls assume way too much anyway

  • it bugs me the most when its a girl I don't like. or if she's a WELL known slut bag.

  • yeah, I guess it bothers me but I don't say anything, I mean he's a guy and just because he's my boyfriend doesn't mean that he's not allowed to talk to girls. Plus its not his fault other girls find him attractive. It would only p*ss me off if he did something. Plus if he actually likes me he won't and if he doesn't then there isno point of bieng in a relationship. its that simple

  • To me it's not that the other girl is talking to my boyfriend it's how my boyfriend is reacting. If he's not all over her I don't have a problem with them talking. I trust my guys just like I want them to trust me. If I'm not dating the guy then I really can't say any thing. Jealousy is a waste of time and if your guy is going to leave you for another girl getting angry with him is not going to save that relationship.

    Hope that helps :)

    • Yeah, I think you are right. I had a guy lab partner and his girlfriend hated my guts because I talked to her boyfriend. It looked like she wanted to kill me. It was really not nessicary

  • thats dumb as hell, I don't normally get mad if a girl flirts with my bf. unless we aren't friends or she is a huge slut. but saying that, you can't turn around and get mad at her for talking to guys

    if I see my boyfriend talking to a girl I don't like, I just go and pull him away, haha. it sounds childish but I make up for it by kissing him

  • I find it flattering when a woman flirts with my husband, and believe me it happens frequently he is hot. As long as the woman keeps her distance no harm no foul.

  • The jist of it is I can't date who I can't trust. So, if he cheats, it's over. If he rejects her, we're fine.

  • there was girl who was flirting with my Boyfriend for 2 hours!and I was sitting next to him,since I trust him so much I didn't do anything and just let the girl flirt with him!

  • OMFG yes I die whenever I see the boy I like flirt with anothyer girl or just stand next to himi get mad at the boy I like and detest the girl omfg yeeesssss

  • yea p*sses me off loads, I don't care if he flirts a little but if he's paying more attention to her then I get real annoyed.

    happened to me the other night, my friend flirting her ass off with a guy I was with last week and it's not like she even likes him. she's the biggest tease I know.

    i'm more p*ssed off at her in that case tho cause it's not like he's my boyfriend but she's my friend, she should know better.

    my reaction as bad as it sounds was to flirt a bit with his friend then, I wouldn't've done it except he was flirting with her. now I just think I wasted my time before.

  • I get extremely jealous and end up bitching out my boyfriend. He knows how I feel about other girls, and he knows better than to stand there and let another girl flirt with him.

  • I don't have a boyfriend for girls to flirt with, but I do have a sort of... crush. There's at least one other girl who I can tell likes him also, but I'm not worried about it because he doesn't care for her, as far as I can tell. I dunno...what's the point in getting all upset and whatnot? I think it's crazy how some girls can get so cut throat about it. If I had a boyfriend and some girl started flirting with him, I'd just hope that he loved me enough not to flirt back with her, or some how show her that he's with me, like taking my hand or if they were talking, some how say, "Have you met my girlfriend Amanda?"

    But yeah. With a guy that I like and am not with, it's not really like I have a claim on him so I don't have the right to really get upset if other girls flirt with him I think. They have every right and the same as I do to flirt.

  • I would get p*ssed and cuss the b**** out!Back then not so much bcuz I was very innocent and shy but now if I have a boyfriend and a girl is flirting with him right in front of my face just to p*ss me off I would say something.If the guy was just my friend then no, I wouldn't say anything bcuz he is not mine.

  • Never had an issue with my boyfriend (or at least one that I noticed). But definently one with a few crushes. Girls are great at non-verbal communication. I use the "glare", or as a last resort, I'll touch somewhere on his body (remove lint, play with his hair, touch his arm). It's all in the subtleties. Letting a girl know to back off. If I've invested time and emotion into a guy, and I know he's interested, there are still some girls that won't respect that. They just view it as a challenge... well then, bring it on!

  • Are you mad that the girl that likes you is jealous, or are you mad at the girl that talked to you when you didn't like her.

  • yeah! I'm a really jealous person and I hate it. It's worse when the guy you like has a gf-that is awful. It'd be annoying if girls kept flirting with your boyfriend but at the end of the day he is with you, it'd be annoying if girls were flirting with the guy you like but at the end of the day he's single, but when the guy you like actually has a girlfriend then you've lost lol and then the game begins :)

  • I would check her out and maybe if I liked what I see, ask her to join us in bed

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