Girls what's something a guy could do to show he loves you what would it be?

What's something a guy could do to show he loves you? Anything at all. And why?


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  • i want a guy who can run that extra mile just to prove it to me that he loves me so freaking much..i m telling this because I have talked to couple of guys and dated few..they all tend to give up after 2-3 tries..any thing in impressing, showing love and affection, and most importantly when they break up and come back to me they try just 2-3 times and if I don't reply or give them one word answers they think I am not interested...this is not true!

    i just want to see how far he can go to get much is he willing to put in effort to persue me..this goes other way around too...i wanna know why guys come to a conclusion so quick without even trying hard enough?

    • I am not gonna lie.. But for guys... It's really a Yes or No answer for us... There is no "Maybe" for us. Very few will go that extra mile.

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    • I do appreciate your concern though. I just feel getting far away is the only thing that will help me find myself, get over my ex, and get over a lot of other things that have happened in my life. I sound a kinda dumb because I know there's people that have had worse lives than me but I have gone through a lot. Like Scientology camp (prison), my mom trying to commit suicide many times over petty sh*t, loosing a man who was like a second father, and more. I do thank you for talking with me though

    • You're expecting an unrealistic amount of effort without any indication its not all in vein. Would you like to keep chasing a guy if he just kept ignoring you? Probably not. Most people in their right mind will only give so much effort and then eventually just cut their loses and give up. This isn't a career or dream job we're talking about. It's a relationship. There is a limit before its really just best to move on. I think your bar is set to high.

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  • do things with her

    • Thank you for your answer

  • Just spending time with me.

    In my opinion, we can judge what people care about by where they spend their time. I think people always make time for the things that they really care about.


    • Good point. Thank you for your answer.

    • This is true. I tell girls this all the time. His willingness to spend time with you is the best indicator to judge how much a guy cares about you.

  • Listen to me and actually interpret what I'm saying. Give me my space when I want it. Remember something when I tell you.

    • And thank you for your answer bubbiexo

    • Anytime. Just be yourself and you'll be fine.

    • Thank you again :)

  • Actually find a way to spend some time with me, keep promises, and not play games. If something's not right between us, he should mention it to me because I might not always know. I'll extend these same things back to him. Just some respect and good communication is really enough.

  • respect honesty genuineness transparency compassion care physical affection without shame... and the rest is just my knowing because when someone loves you. really loves , AND you are open open to it. you know. and if you're not open to it, you do not deserve it anyways.So its of no consequence if do not know.

    • Thank you for your answer

    • no problem.

      btw, id expect the same from myself towards him. I wouldn't be compatable with someone who did not value those things/ appreciate them.

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