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Who expects more in a relationship? Men or women?

And why do you say so?Thanks for your time and response and the best answer would be selected.

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  • I'd say generally women have higher expectations. Men these days are often intimidated by women and unsure of what to expect. They'll often tolerate behavior from a woman that woman would never tolerate from a man. Being irresponsible, lazy, inconsiderate, for example. Most women won't put up with these things from their partner, but a lot of men will, to some extent at least. I suppose most men still see themselves as the breadwinner, so they don't consider women having these negative qualities such a problem. And women also have this unspoken assumption; this is why some of them will allow themselvew to have these faults.

    • Yes,women expect more and that's why they nag more.Haha.

    • Maybe so!

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  • Depends on age, socioeconomic range, country, etc.I would generally say as you move younger, wealthier, and more liberal, women expect more, as you go older, poorer or more conservative, men expect more.

  • I think women do. That why guys usually feel tied down

  • A good question. I don't think it can be broken down by gender, rather by individual. A particular person can expect a lot more out of the relationship. Indeed, a relationship can exist where both the man and woman have equally high expectations from the other. Some would say those people are "high maintenance". Men AND women can be high maintenance. So, I guess it boils down to the individual.

What Girls Said 4

  • Women. We have higher expectations.

  • I would definitely say women! They are always thinking of the "future" and how they can see themselves with the other person for the rest of their life. Even on the first date, I know of some women who have a "check-list" that they go through during the date to see if the other has potential... We have expectations before anything ever happens!

    • dont say we you're talking about you and 5 of your friends who think like you- that's why you're friends. nothing you sad represents me or any women I know. nor statistics.anyways there e many different kinds of expectaions. even if you have those, it doesn't mean you have 'more' than the guy. or that he doesn't have the same. anyways say I. not WE,

    • Thanks for your opinion Toulouse but you have to remember culture and that where I'm located currently is completely different than where you're located. Where I’ve lived and the people I know and have been in contact with is completely different than the people you know. My opinion is not gained from “5 of [my] friends.” But, thanks for sharing your opinion. I appreciate your grammar advice.

  • Women expect more of course.

  • What do you mean by expectation?how they will feel. what they will do. what will happen.are you talking about expectations of themselves, there partner, both. be more specific, you could answer the question yourself to give an idea of what you are referring to.that said I do not think any question can be answered based on a persons sex. different personalities. different upbringings, it really depends ob he person their culture their influences beliefs convictions logic courage etc.

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