Who expects more in a relationship? Men or women?

And why do you say so?Thanks for your time and response and the best answer would be selected.

  • Vote A Men expect more.
  • Vote B Women expect more.
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  • I'd say generally women have higher expectations. Men these days are often intimidated by women and unsure of what to expect. They'll often tolerate behavior from a woman that woman would never tolerate from a man.

    Being irresponsible, lazy, inconsiderate, for example. Most women won't put up with these things from their partner, but a lot of men will, to some extent at least.

    I suppose most men still see themselves as the breadwinner, so they don't consider women having these negative qualities such a problem. And women also have this unspoken assumption; this is why some of them will allow themselvew to have these faults.

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      Yes,women expect more and that's why they nag more.Haha.

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      Maybe so!