I like when my boyfriend is jealous, is this normal?

I read that most people have problem with it.

And I like it. When I go out with friends he send messages like " don't forget about me" ,

or he doesn't like me to go alone with other boy, always asks 100 questions if he sees me with someone, he even checked my phone once...

And I should be angry maybe, ? but I am not I was even happy I think he cares about me ,doesn't want to lose me, I'm important for him...

is this normal how I feel?


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  • I don't know why some people said its not normal.Its actually a normal feeling for some girls though.You like the feeling he is jealous because it makes you think he loves and care a lot about you.The psychology here is you enjoy when his mind is mess up thinking about the other guys that you are being with.

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      Thanks for the BA :)