I like when my boyfriend is jealous, is this normal?

I read that most people have problem with it.

And I like it. When I go out with friends he send messages like " don't forget about me" ,

or he doesn't like me to go alone with other boy, always asks 100 questions if he sees me with someone, he even checked my phone once...

And I should be angry maybe, ? but I am not I was even happy I think he cares about me ,doesn't want to lose me, I'm important for him...

is this normal how I feel?


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  • I don't know why some people said its not normal.Its actually a normal feeling for some girls though.You like the feeling he is jealous because it makes you think he loves and care a lot about you.The psychology here is you enjoy when his mind is mess up thinking about the other guys that you are being with.

    • Thanks for the BA :)

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  • Your one of those girls...

    My ex loved seeing me "get mad". She thinks when I get mad, its so sexy to her and turns her on. No idea why.

    Normal? nope not normal.

  • Yup. I think jealous girls are hot. So I guess you can think jealous guys are hot.

  • Contrary to what everyone's said, jealousy is a sign of love.

  • No, it's not normal to feel that way. You have an abnormal personality, and it's unhealthy for you, and your significant other, who has even less control over the situation than you do. You're taking advantage of people and it's actually pretty atrocious

    It's sad that that's the only way you can feel loved. Seek psychological counseling

  • I did break up with the girl I love, because I was jealous and she is pissed of, I wasn't too much jealous like crazy, but there were things which I hate she do! I was pretty jealous at those times and she didn't like it so we ended it :)


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  • In my opinion, what's key here is how HE feels. Is it mild, playful jealousy or is he actually very emotionally involved in this, very concerned that you're cheating on him, very likely that he would get pushed over the edge if he convinced himself that you're up to something?

    Honestly, it's whatever. Do you. Just keep two things in mind: his emotional health/happiness and, depending on the guy, your safety.

  • You just like a little drama from time to time