Why do I always have bad luck with guys?

i am a 20 year old virgin...

i had 2 boyfriend. my first boyfriend cheated on me and broke up, then he kind of used me just for making out. it hurt like f*** every time I cried nearly every night and couldn't get over him for like 2,5 years.my second boyfriend was a bit "crazy" he took it way too serious he was talking about marriage and children and we were only 18!

there are always a few guys chasing me but I like them just as friends. I hardly ever fall in love but if I do I always fall for the good, cute type of guy (and it's not like they are out of my leage or something) and the strange thing is that I always like guys who aren't chasing me immediatelly like the others (probably because I like the challenge?)

now I am into a guy whos really lovely to everyone and he kind of made me hopes but it seems like he is into another chick and she is into him and they kind of deny it...

i have friends who have relationships since a few years and for me life just seems so unfair, like I would never find a guy who I like and who likes me back


Most Helpful Guy

  • Virgin or not, try considering those just friends as nice and cute guys. Things would go a lot more easy for you.

    You don't want a challenge, I'm a bit tired of people putting this psycho babble bullsh*t lol what you want is a "boyfriend" and what you haven't realized is that half of that word is "friend" A good boyFRIEND should not just be a good looking BOY but a good FRIEND.

    all you've done is friend zoned probably some good oppurtunities. and now your whining that life ain't fair. Just look at ALL possibilities rather than something your just not getting at the minute, the cute friendly guy that's into the other girl for example.