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How do you let someone you love go knowing it's for the best? Because things won't work out?

I've loved my ex for a long time even after we broke up and I mean really deeply. But I had to let her go because she belonged to someone else. Then... Show More

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  • i'd say, from experience, give it some time with her, if she makes you feel good when your with her, then stay with her, but if your with her and your constantly thinking of ways to break it off with her, I'd say do the deed and just tell her you can't do it anymore.

    • What makes me nervous is the fact that she isn't over her ex and might use me as a rebound, get bored eventually and walk away. Do you think it's worth it?

    • Idk how your relationship ended last time but me, f*** it and just do it. know what I mean?

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