I feel kind of bad and happy at the same time.

I feel kind of bad and yet excited at the same time. My girlfriend got accepted to a bachelors program. We are currently in an associates program right now. I'm happy and excited for her because she is my girlfriend. She just got home from my house and checked her email. I was the first one she texted and let me know that she got accepted. The reason why I'm feeling bad is because she's a woman in the relationship. I guess I know what it like now to make less than a woman in the relationship. I guess I'm also a little insecure because I feel as though she could do much better than me. She makes me happy and is a very down to earth person. I do know that a lot of guys hit on her. She's beautiful, smart, funny, caring, nice. Overall a good person. Is it normal to feel this way. I think it's because I'm worried that I might lose her if she got so much going on.


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  • I think it's normal you feel this way. I actually feel the same about my boyfriend. I tell myself 'How the hell did I meet such a great guy?' 'What does he see in me?' 'I'm so boring.' It's self-confidence, really. What I like to do if think of all the ways he supports me, listens to me, and shows me he loves me. That usually makes me feel better.


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  • If she really loves you, the amount of money she makes won't change that. If you two are shooting for the same goal, you will be fine. Just because guys hit on her does not mean that she'll accept their advances. have a little faith, I think everything will be okay with you guys. Good Luck!

  • Thats normal a lot of guys feel that way. You just need the reassurance that she still loves you and that she's not going anywhere.


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  • i wish I had enough space to let you know bro.lol we must have the same girlfriend everyday she gets better things drag on my end and its not bad right now..except for my lame job and having to be a full time student..she has like amillion friends and I always wonder how did I stand out on top and I still wonder what I'm doing but you know this as well as me bro being on a low budget you do learn and find things to still do but she has no idea how hard you thought on it..but if she is as you say you will never be without her..she will not forget that you being there helps and builds her makes her shine bright and my girl dose too..im happy that my girlfriend is so cool but I always will wonder how I do it she has so much going on?lol

  • It's completely normal. You're happy that someone you care about is doing well, but you feel jealous because you want it for yourself too. You feel like you're not working hard enough or that you don't have the right connections. And yes, you feel that as the man, you should be in the higher position so that you can take care of her should the relationship lead to marriage. It's perfectly normal, but be able to keep it in check. Don't let it turn into resentment.