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Would you make the first move with a woman quite a bit older than you?

Guys lets assume you liked a woman 10-15 years older than you ( not in general, just this one special woman) Would you still make the first move or... Show More

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  • lol I used to think 5 years age difference was the limit for me, that afterward we'd both have different views on things/values. I definitely think this is the case for 15 but for 10, yeah I'd have no problem making the first move. It isn't any less intimidating than someone 2 years older, however ifshe was younger that me even by a year I'd find it much less intimidating

What Guys Said 4

  • They always ignore me! please put the move on me.

  • I want the woman should take a lead rather than me.


    Doesn;t predict what would be in her mind else I would be better siiting with my own age group.

  • Although I prefer older women, I would be more intimidated to make a move on her than a girl my own age. I think when it comes to older women I would prefer her to take the lead.

What Girls Said 1

  • I had a few guys 5-11 years younger than me wanting to date me because they thought I am much younger as we are complete strangers.One of them already has a girlfriend who is 10 years younger than me although I look younger than her.So yes,these guys made the first move and I really felt so awkward.

    • Ah but I like younger guys :)

      Why did you feel awkward?

    • Because there are so many pretty young ladies around their age and they want me who is just a stranger which is really really strange. :)

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