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What are some hints to tell if a guy is falling in love?

Been dating a guy a little over a month now and I have to admit I really like him but from what I can tell he seems to feel the same he just gets... Show More

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  • I would venture to say there are many. The way he listens to you and how much time you spend communicating and never get bored. He always wants to be in touch or be with you. He is honest with you. He always makes plans with you and talks about the future. The conversations are always upbeat and he tries to make you smile and laugh. He does not talk about any other women. He always has time for you and you are his number one priority.But most importantly he tells you he misses you and hints how he feels.Good luck, sounds positive. RJ

    • seems like he does almost all of those =] thanks for your answer

    • Great. I think your in good shape.

What Girls Said 1

  • well I don't know about in love, it dpeends on the guy but if he is spending a lot of time with you and taking a real interest to get to know you I would say he is genuinely into you

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