I love him but he doesn't love me anymore?

so I was that guy's first love and he loved me for years but every time I pushed him away because I didn't love him back, now I love him like crazy but it seems like he got over me, what should I do ?


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  • Show that you're interested at him, but don't easily give in.

    In one fine weekend, try getting out with him and visit a lot of places, I mean LOT of places to create a lot of memories. You can go to the park then go to movies, to a coffee shop, mall, theater, dancing class, and others. This creates familiarity between the two of you which is essential in breeding attraction.

    Touch him a lot (in a sexual/non-sexual way, either will do)

    Maintain longer eye contacts with him than usual. Flirt with him. Be honest with your feelings. = )


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  • Either tell him how you feel Move on

    • he know that I love him now like crazy and he said he loves me too but then nothing happens he never calls or ask for a meeting, it's always me who calls/texts to check on him it's been months and he NEVER calls, I don't know what to do

  • Why do you "love him NOW". What changed?

    • I don't really know, but maybe because when he first loved me we were too young we were in middle school or something, so I found it creepy

    • I don't think you can be "too young" to love people...Cory and Topanga knew each other since they were babies. I have a feeling they always loved each other...they just didn't express it until much later

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  • Tell him