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If you were granted only ONE wish for this Christmas, what would it be?

Mine would be, Romance! I'd love to fall in love for the 2nd time, but want a love that is in return. :)

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  • My wife healthy again .

    • look up apricot kernels.

    • @marcusbrown, thanks but it's something more complicated than what you're thinking about.

  • I want some time off work. Nothing outrageous. 4-5 days would be heaven.

  • Infinite money (or a very large quantity of it).

  • I'd take a few billion dollars. :-)

  • Complete immunity to STD's. Can't catch them, transmit them, or carry them. None of them.

    • Why is this a bad thing to receive thumbs-down?

  • A cataclysm >:)

    • DEATH TO ALL HUMANS! LONG LIVE(enter alien race name here)! HAHAHAHAHAHA

  • For my wife to be pregnant.

  • I have always wondered what it feels like to find that kind of love. I would wish for the kind of love that never dies.

  • I wish that my parents hadn't gotton divorced.

    • :(

    • I hear you on that one. I was also in that situation and know how it feels.

  • A girlfriend who is not manipulative

  • ultimate control over the mind

  • My only wish would be you! :) Just kidding,we don't know each other, but it sounds nice doesn't it? :) I guess I would wish health for me and my family... Without it, most things don't really matter.

  • A full sleeve would be nice.

  • A perfect body that would remain perfect no matter how many servings of bottomless fries I consume at Red Robbin.

    • Save your money from that overpriced slop! But the wish is good

  • Family issues to be resolved.

  • immortality.

    • That's pretty f***ing weird, you wrote your answer a minute before mine and I could have sworn that crossed my mind as well at that time

  • I want my crush. I like her so much. :(

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