How do you decide you want a fling or something serious with someone?

How do you decide you want a fling or something serious with someone?

What if you know you will be around this person beyond the fling...would you still choose to have a fling?

Does having a fling with someone usually result from you just wanting to have fun temporarily?

Why do people choose to have flings instead of serious relationships? Something to do with age?

If you are looking for a fling, do you tell the other person first?

How can you differentiate fling from a relationship?

Are you expected to see them all the time during the fling?

What about keeping in contact during the fling? Everyday expected or is that what you do for relationships only?

Do 2 people usually verbally agree that something is a fling before starting it?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Hmm, I usually go for flings more often because they are not what I perceive as quality.

    Anyway, from the first conversation I give my undivided attention to a guy and ask them to express themselves to me. That's my test. That is where I analyze him..its sort of like a job interview for what position he will have in my life. If he fails, he might never see or speak with me again and if he passes...we develope a relationship. Now, that relationship can go in 4 different direction.

    1) we could be good friends

    2) we could be lovers

    3) we could be friends with benefits

    4) we could be casual/ acquaintance type of friends

    Things that contribute to my decisions are looks, ambition, placement in life atm, personality, behavior, common interest...etc

    If I don't seem to find you at least somewhat attractive...we can't be lovers or have any benefits because I can't and won't force myself to do intimate things with you. It would creep me out. So definitely...believe you are already put in the friend category. Now if you are giving me tthe I have no ambition, f*** life are definitely placed in the bye zone.

    I will elaborate more on cellphone sucks at typing on gag.

    If I don't find you somewhat attractive