Are you easily jealous for no good reason?

Are you easily jealous for no good reason?Why and how do you feel about it?


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  • girl logic:

    if you get really jealous, your not giving her any breathing room and need to back off

    if you aren't jealous at all, you don't think she's good enough to get other guys

    lol I kid, sort of

    i try not to get too jealous. if a guy I don't know writes on her fb wall or texts her I'll ask about it.

    she always tells me if a guy she knows texts her or something. she never reciprocates and I appreciate that. I don't get all agro and start trying to fight people or yell at her or anything. I'm happy to be with her but at thhe same time, I just want her to tell me about anything like that.


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  • Nope

    Even with a good reason I'm not sure if I would be.

    How do I feel about what? Jealousy? Or about what makes someone jealous?

    Jealousy itself is pretty nasty and a sign of a bad relationship. If there is a reason for jealousy it's bad. And if there isn't a reason it's even worse. Bad situation either way.

  • Given how attractive my so is, I do get jealous at times without a lot of reason...but I know how she can get when I'm gone, and I'm gone a lot, teaching English in China now.

  • I used to get really jealous but now I have a "whatever" mentality about it. If someone wants to spend less time with me or be with another man I can't stop her and it gives me an opportunity to find someone better. That's my opinion on it anyway. May seem harsh to some though..

  • I'm not jealous at all. I've never been. I paid a girlfiend's abortion after she got pregnant by another guy.

    • that I don't think I would have done. you stay together?

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    • Haha Damn dude she played you player.

    • -Yes, she told her husband the whole story.

      -The first time it wasn't him (nor me)

      -She had a very good reason for that abortion IMHO.

      No, I wasn't a sucker, I was the only one she knew who was able to help her out of that mess and I'm not an insensitive caveman.

  • It is a wasted emotion. I spend my time with people that care. I would never want to "force" someone to be with me. I like to be naturally loved

  • im a man... so no

    • how true is your lie? :P jk.. "im a man... so no" --- very good flawless logic :)

    • yepp, I've never seen on here or anywhere else a man complain about being jealous...

      men don't get jealous for no reason, we get jealous when we see someone we like kissing someone else, and that's a good reason lol

      girls get jealous from not a lot so yeh I may have been short and to the point but I'm not just being sexist lol

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  • nope but when I am jealous I'm frank and honest about it cause I get restless and I feel some sort of anger and I can't deal with that even just for a day. I don't beat around the bush I will directly tell that I'm jealous lol.. I don't know I just can't pretend that all is good and be insincere, that would be too much for me to bear but I tell it in a nice way of course :)

  • Have I misunderstood the question? sorry my English is terrible :)

  • If you get jealous for no good reason you must be pretty insecure?