What should I get for my boyfriend for Valentine's day?

Im 16 and my boyfriend and I will be dating for 9 mouths on February 23 and I don't know what to get him for Valentine's some one help ?!


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  • depends on how much your trying to spend

    some Lingerie for yourself (but really its for him lol)

    people have listed a watch or a wallet which is a great idea. my girlfriend has gotten me both over the span of our relationship

    Guys don't really make a huge deal about gifts. a vday BJ would be enough for us


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  • About time for a book of poetry; if that's not his style, then nine redapples gift wrapped, in a box, one for each month.

  • Guys love getting sex for holidays. But if you wanted to include something else, you could get him an accessory of some kind. A hat, or a bracelet, or something like that. You could put chocolate in the hat or maybe a double cheeseburger. That's what I'd want for Valentine's day. Sex and a cheeseburger.

  • Bracelet, watch anything that means something you can not put a price on love

  • bring another girl into the bed room for a 3 way.


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  • a classy watch, a new wallet, something that accessorises him a bit depending on what he likes to wear - new hat/scarf/belt/shirt/tie

    If he likes music, get him a C.D or create one / get concert tickets for the two of you / take him on a night out to see a band at the local pub.

    All boys like new gadgets, so maybe a video game console with the latest video game or a kindle.

    If he enjoys art or theatre take him to a show he might enjoy.

    However, it really does depend. I don't know how much you are willing to spend, what kinds of things he likes/interests he has, the kind of guy he is or if you want the gift to be casual or romantic.

    • Btw, if you think of getting him something electronic but are not sure what to get him, you could always get him a gift card. Or maybe you get some wine or other liquor if he drinks instead. I'm sure he will appreciate whatever you come up with.