If your significant other cannot have children, will you leave?

If you love your significant other very much and think you make a great couple BUT she/he cannot have children.

You want to have children of your own blood. No adoption option.

What would you do? Would you stay for the sake of love or leave to be able to have children with another person?

  • Vote A I would rather stay with my love.
  • Vote B I want to be a mother/father badly, so sadly I'm going to leave.
  • Vote C See results.
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This is a hypothetical question. You have to assume that 1. You really love your partner 2. You really want to have children of your own blood.

Which one would you choose?


Most Helpful Girl

  • In a situation like this is more difficult if the woman is the infertile one.

    if the man can't have children, the woman can always go for a sperm donor and still have children that may look a bit like her partner and still have her own blood.

    but if the woman can't conceive there's no other way than adoption or having a children in another woman and keep the child with him... but that is more difficult than adoption, I think, unless she agrees to do that on the first place and get paid pretty much to do that... and if she changes her mind... she will win the child in court anyway :S

    But, if I love him, I wouldn't care if he can or not.

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