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Ideas for valentines?

I have less than a month before Valentine's day, and I'm going to need every second to figure out what I'm going to do for my boyfriend for... Show More

Also, is it a weird idea to get him a teddy bear? Would it be cute or just strange?

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  • Food. We guys love food, bonus points if you cook their favorite meal for them, but even taco bell is just awesome. Also little things that we can use and like, I love sketching and playing like a child, one of my favorite gifts was a box a girl gave me with a funny card, playdough, coloring books of my favorite kids movies, my favorite candy, finger paints, and a nice sketch pad. So if you know what he likes, get him things he'll use in that, or food.

    • Update: I wouldn't suggest a teddy bear, unless he already has and likes stuffed animals.

What Guys Said 2

  • Give us something small that we can see or use everyday. Perhaps, a tie or shoe lace, or a cap. Also a good sweater is very special.

What Girls Said 1

  • Im getting my guy dead space three and making his favorite dinner/giving him his favorite kind of night lol. All guys are different. What does yours like? You could get him a game, a hat, tickets to a baseball game or something. Your under 18 so if your on a budget bake him something yummy that you know he likes, and get him a little something. I got my boyfriend a little teddy bear one year, he keeps it on his night stand lol

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