So my boyfriend wants to stay up a couple hours after I go to bed?

We have been together about a year and have been living together for over 6 months. Tonight he just wants to stay in the living room and stay up while I go to bed. I feel a bit lonely, like he doesn't want to sleep with me. He says its Because he doesn't want to go to bed right away once he gets off work. Am I being to clingy when I go to bed alone and I want him with me while I fall asleep?

How would I approach this, I don't want him to think I am clingy or overwhelm him, what should I do to let him know what is up? Or should I just leave him alone and get over it?


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  • No, you're not being clingy to want that, but he's right about the need to unwind before going to sleep.

    Ask him if he can tuck you into bed and stay next to you a few minutes before he gets back up.

    Compromise is in order here!

    • UPdat3e: Follow my suggestion and compromise on the issue!

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  • I think you're just over analyzing things. His work is important because he wants to provide for you both. I think instead of you being worried, you should be happy and start being supportive of him.

  • Do you two ever have sex during the day> I'm trying to find out if he's lost desire or if it's an innocent explanation. If your sex life is still good despite his preference for staying up later & sleeping in another room it's probably a harmless or even thoughtful thing. If he's staying up and watching p*rn that's different.

  • It's not a big deal. Everyone wants some alone time. Leave him along and get over it.

  • I can totally understand not going to sleep after work, he needs a little me time after just to turn his mind off. There is something that he may go for is while he is watching TV you can fall asleep in his lap or in his arms,and him carry you to bed. If he just wants to be by himself don't take it as anything against you, just a process men go through. Basically like hitting disk defrag for the male mind, he doesn't need all the stuff in there.

  • just tell him, in a sweet sexy way. and pout. and if that doesn't work. come live with me. ;)


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  • I think you are both being reasonable here. You're not being clingy by wanting this, but it is also understandable that he wants time to unwind after work and before bed. I second the compromise suggestion! Also, what times are we talking? What time do you sleep and what time does he sleep?

  • He might've just had a hard day at work and doesn't feel like being close to anyone. Some guys just have a stupid habit of having to watch t.v. after they get off work. Don't take it so personally, if it continues to happen try and stay up with him, if he doesn't like that, try and talk to him about it he might not see the situation like you do and be totally oblivious to your inner delima