Is this healthy or not?

I am 20 years old, he is 34. We met about 2 months ago and we knew we liked each other and everything was going correctly even though my parents said no way. We mutually agreed not to be in a relationship but to be like polyamorys which is where there is open love kind of. It was meant to be us... Show More

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  • Please leave...i am grossed out and your living it. not me...he is a grown ass man who behaves like this? I don't care about the age difference that works for some people and older guys can be really great when it comes to knowing how to treat a woman...however...this guy has obviously crossed several lines...he is 3 steps away from getting you to do some weird sex sh*t that leaves you feeling more violated and grossed out then satisfied...and he's 6 steps away from keeping you in a box under the bed for the next 20 yrs...both of these are going to ruin a lot for you...I would just walk away before it gets nasty...And make sure you carry pepper spray or a stun gun close by if you can't bring a mob of guy friends to get whatever you need to get that involves you possibly being alone with safe...and try dating guys your own age or slightly older not mid 30's I said age doesn't bother me...but the only reason to date an older guy I because he's into you and mature...not awashed out hippie creep man...who cares why he's the way he creeps you out then peace out...