Bad News, Emotional Reactions & Space

My girlfriend and I have a strong relationship built on trust, love, honesty, dedication and compassion. However, we've both had to struggle a lot in life. You would think that we'd each be used to handling a lot and that not much would phase either of us, right? Me too.

However, that doesn't seem to be the case. The doctors swear that I have an Undiagnosed genetic disorder. The test that examines all protein-coding genes is due back by Tuesday and chances are, something will show. Not sure we'll like what we find and she's taking the anticipation (symptoms aside) worse than I am.

Her emotions went more awry than I've ever seen in the year we've been together. She's beating herself up inside and no matter how much I try, there doesn't seem to be a right way to support her through this. It's hard enough for me to support me as it is.

Now she's requested space. I'm giving her the space and she's reiterated a thousand times that she's not leaving me. I have no doubt that she's not leaving me, but how do I support her through this and support me at the same time? No human being should ever have to go through this and I don't blame my girlfriend for feing the way she does, but how do I support her, me and cope with m symptoms simultaneously while still trying to live my life 'business as usual?' I love her to death and she's been my biggest supporter through this. I owe her more than I could ever repay.


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  • She needs time to fix what's emotionally wrong with her. Whether it be meditator or self guidance- time alone to fix something on your own is not your fault or anyone's. she just needs to do this herself. Give her time and let her know you care and when she wants to talk through it with you, she will. A part of being in a relationship is being a team hold her tight, kiss her long and hard, look her in the eyes and tell her you want what's best for her at the time and you love her with all your heart.


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  • just keep reasuring her that you will get through it together bu most importantly concentrate on yourself as you don't want your health to get worse worrying about others when your health is at risk


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  • Just give her space. Always be there when she needs someone to talk to, and don't bring up the subject often because it will just let the two of you down, spirits will be down, and it will just cause unnecessary thinking in her mind.