Why do men act mad when they're hurt?

I broke a promise to my boyfriend, now he is being mean, saying he's done, but I know he loves me. He says he's giving me tough love, but I feel if you love someone, you shouldn't be mean to them. So is he just being mean 'cuz he's hurt? What should I do? Is he being mean 'cuz he hurts or what?


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  • I think being mean/mad after being hurt is pretty natural.

    Wouldn't you get angry/mad if someone just used you for sex? I know it's not exactly the same thing but I mean, come on. If you get mad/angry after being hurt than it would be reasonable to assume that men do as well.

    So yes, I think he is being mean because you hurt him.

    Well.. the guy most likely lost his trust in you so I guess you might need to work on rebuilding that & that's if the guy can forgive/look past it.

    I know I wouldn't be able the trust the same person twice even if I loved them but then again that's how I am. Maybe the guy your with is different.

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      You are right! Thank you!