Name that Mexican Pastry

I am in love with this specific kind of pastry that I get when I go to the Mexican Bakery a few minutes away.

It is long, skinny, rectangular in shape, super super flakey and covered in cinnamon sugar.

What is it!?

Another one I got that is similar that I love, is shorter, wider, rectangular in shape, covered in cinnamon sugar and looks like the dough is layered and is also very flakey.

No, definitely not a Churro, plus, churros are cylindrical and super doughy
The pastries I am talking about are super crispy and flakey


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  • Creme Jose's? Spotted Pedro's? Banana's Jesus?


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  • Does it have filling in it? like a Milhojas? or Orejas? Not rectangular but flaky...

    • No filling, just airy and crispy and flakey.

  • I know it's not what you're thinking of, but I suddenly *really* want some yum yums right now.

    Why don't you just ask at the bakery?

    • Cuz I don't know when the next time is that I will go, and I wanna know nowwwwww lol

  • Churro?

    • lol I know what churros are, those aren't the pastries I'm thinking of though

  • churro

    • that was my only guess lol

  • torleta de miza


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  • I just wanted to say I loveeee pan de dulce

    I love the marranitos, conchas and galletas



    I love going back to where my family is from and buying the freshly baked, authentic pan dulce

    • Marranitos are delicious, especially the ones with the sprinkles!

  • Not sure, is it Bunuelo?

    • I was thinking bunuelo...but they're usually circular

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    • @ QA I know I've seen them but can't remember the name is it Campechanas? Google the pic

    • Yeah, buneulos are usually circular and look more like muffins I'm pretty sure,

  • So when you go there what do you ask for if you don't know what it's called ? ? ? Or are you playing a guessing game and treating the person that gets it right?

    • Its a self serve bakery, you go pick what you want and then you go up and pay.

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    • ASK the cashier?

    • :]

  • Churro