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2 questions for the guys..

Ok here it goes. New here. So I'm fresh dating my guy for a month. I met him and said he wants to get married. in the future. All that. So I get... Show More

Thank you for your comment Guys are hard to know Believe me!
We are talking and he said slow down but would like to get to know each otheer. Still together .
I broke up I don't know he never got back and said he would Couldn't take it. It was wrong.

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  • He still must be pondering if you're the girl whom he sees himself marrying in the near future.

  • Yeah it sounds like he doesn't want a girlfriend or doesn't want to rush into it. Maybe he doesn't realize how important events like Valentine's day is to women. GL to you though!

  • Sorry to break this to you, but he is not sure about you.

    • You where wrong I said and openeed to him I understand the. Comment by anonymous

    • For once, I am very happy to be wrong. :) take care. My intention was not to misguide you.

    • Now, wish you the very best..

  • id give it more time a month isn't very long

  • He probably means he wants to get married to someone at some point years down the road and do the entire kids and white picket fence thing... I wouldn't take tongue in cheek conversation like that to mean he wants to marry you. He's just putting it out there to let you know he's shopping for a relationship, not just trying to get into your pants and get onto the next girl (which he might be doing anyway).

  • He is saying he doesn't know yet if you're the girl he wants to make a serious committment towards. He's only been dating you a month after all. He probably hates V-day, like many men. Said he'd make it up to you, but really just hopes you'll forget about it.

What Girls Said 1

  • a month and he's already talking about married? Sounds like this guy just really wants something quick and easy.. and not work for it... these things take time..

    • Oh no meant ...I asked him in the future you want marriage". He said yes.. Then now he says I don't want a commitment and said I don't know.

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