Is she into me? what's my next move?

Im in college, she's in high school. I have been talking to her via twitter for about a year and a half, and for the past 2 months snapchatted her nonstop. We've never met in person but have a lot in common.

She calls me her husband, and she's my wife via snapchat

She sent me a snapchat at 12:30 AM on Valentine's day, saying happy Valentine's day

She told me I was the only person she really snapchatted

I know this may seem stupid, cowardly or childish, but I really like her and was wondering do you think she likes me and what I should do to take this to a personal level?


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  • I know how you feel, I too had an online love, but the thing is that he said he loved me and all but than I found out by accident that he was actually dating another girl.

    If I was you, I would be very careful. But yes, if she is not lying about anything, I would think she does like you, what she did on Valentine's day was completely romantic! So I think she likes you.

    I think you should ask her to meet you in person, maybe ask her on a date a weekend if you two don't live too far away from each other.

    Thats what I would do, hope it helped!


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  • If you get along well together, try setting up something in person. She sounds like she likes you. You are her snapchat husband after all. ;)

  • DATE HER IN PERSON. I met my ex online because of a friend. We chatted for 4 months before really seeing each other. We were really close online, but when we met, it was different. It was awkward, and it's like you know him, but you don't! But you know you like him. But anyway, things turned out better than expected. Turns out we were meant to be :) but unfortunately, we had issues 2 years later becase of studies and stuff, so yeah, good luck.

  • May be she likes you. Do one thing just keep an eye on her attitude if you think that she don't like you just flirt with her

  • You need to meet each other in person.

  • I would say you should just ask her if she would like to hang out. If she says no than there is really nothing you can do about it.


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  • You should meet her in person. Couldn't hurt.