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Got her a Valentine's card, she says I'm creepy. am I?

So, I met this girl at work, it was my first job, and we almost immediately got along well. It was summer and I didn't know how I felt about her, at... Show More

she wasn't around for me to give it to her in person, otherwise I'd have loved to do that. the college she attends is approximately 4 hours away, I'd think it would be even more creepy for me to just show up unannounced at her door with a Valentine's card lol.
and she did disclose her location to me. like I said, I would actually engage in conversations with her. she told me where she went to school, what she was going for, stuff like that.
lol sorry for all the updates, I keep picking up little things in your sentence. the fact that it made it to her dorm was pure luck, I literally just addressed it to the school and they got it to her. I didn't have any specific information on that package other than just her name. it was a shot in the dark.

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  • Got her a Valentine's card, she says I'm creepy. am I?

    You are to her as creepy is often subjective and what makes one girl feel unsettled, unsafe, and/or uncomfortable may be fine with another.

    So ladies, if this were you, would you feel creeped out if a guy you knew liked you sent you something for v day?

    I'd be creeped out by the way you sent the Valentine's day since you could have given it to me in person at work and instead you chose to send it to where I live a location I didn't disclose to you. Note how you didn't have her dorm info so it understandably it creeped her out that you were able to send it to here there.

    • So a belated gift didn't cross your mind? She disclosed what school she went to not her dorm information it's like disclosing you live in a town in a conversation then later having that person knock on your door at home.

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    • there was no way I could give it to her the day after, as she was 4 hours away at college. she doesn't work during the school year. I agree a day would be no big deal, unfortunately it'll still be another couple of months before she comes back.

    • She doesn't work during the school year so presumably she wasn't working that entire month and despite not seeing her and not having a way to give it to her in person you still got it..O.O

      I'm starting to think it's not only the way the valentine was given but who gave it as perhaps you're overestimating your closeness and you're simply a work acquaintance she chats with if you seemingly had no other way to contact her.

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  • Im not exactly sure what type of connection you two shared it can be skewed at times from the individual. She may have just found it rather unsettling that you knew where her dorm was located in fact she may not know it got there on luck. You are also hearing second hand what was said although if you believe it was definitely said I can see why that would be hurtful.

    Regardless I think that of anyone to say something like that towards another for sending them a Valentine's gift is disrespectful. Its a nice gesture.

  • I don't think it's really that creepy, depending on what you wrote to her. I think it is actually quite sweet and if I were a girl (hell, or even if a girl sent me something) I'd be flattered. From what you've told us, she had to have at least been interested in you to say the least. Whether she wanted something more than just friends...none of us can know that.

    So is it creepy? No. Worst case scenario, you just mis-judged the situation and it really isn't a big deal...just move on. Better luck next time I suppose =\

    • yeah that's pretty much how I'm feelin man, I just misjudged the hell out of things haha.

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