Would you wait forever for the one you love

If you truly believed would you wait forever? Knowing that person was your one true love?



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  • Forever is a long time :)

    I think waiting is a choice. We do not "wait", for this implies that the present moment is not special and unique and joyful. I think love comes when you're not looking (or waiting). Love finds you, as your partner finds you, and you them... There are so many discourses of literary love and "true love", but surely love that is "true" is simply love that is shared, honest, kind and non-possessive?

    If you love someone but they are not in the right space to have a relationship with you, will you wait? I wouldn't. I choose my life now, and if things change for them, let them come find me.

    I think it is important to remember that love is a beautiful expression and it is wonderful to have it in your life, but also to recognize that meeting the "right person" is something which (after chemistry) is based on your collective input to the relationship. The connection may exist, but as with a friendship, you need to engage with each other, share thoughts and feelings and work on issues if they come up.

    True love is defined but the "happily ever after", yet we must re-write the narrative and not be lost in the fairytale- Communicate with each other, be authentic, be aware, respect each other, be willing to compromise, be open to change, share feelings... and don't forget self-love! <3



    • I agree, one must have interaction for the love to unfold. For the good stuff to come out. But like a fruit some times it could be not in season. It is not yet ripe for the picking. Like all things in life, one must first believe and do. But there is another gear as well. Believe and not do. We can not get stuck in gear four. We need to use gear one as well. Really liked your answer...

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  • No. For me, I want to live my life. No one should ever wait the rest of their life for something that could not be. Everyone deserves to have someone who accepts them and wants to spend time with. I could love someone forever, but not wait for them forever. There is a big difference. You only get to live life once, live it and do not hold back on someone who possibly does not want you or love you in his/her life.

  • Yes...but, to be honestly sometimes life gets in the way... :-(

  • Hell no. There is no such thing as one true love so why wait. It makes no sense.

  • I have waited for 3 years and I have finally decided to give up, because he is too busy and all he does is ignore me. I want someone to love me forever and I will love them too.

  • Yes, but sometimes you can't.


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  • The key is "one true love". Yes they are out there. Those who have found that"one can relate to my next comment..You usually can confirm that they were the one until you lose them..Some get lucky and they get back together. I say yes but I am not one of the lucky ones..We both acknowledge that each of us are the one but only after she was commited to another relationship. We have chosen to be best friends until the opportunity comes our way.

  • No, cause if they are already with someone else then they are not the one. If you were to wait for the perfect one, then you would be missing out on life. I believe that there is one soul mate for everyone in this world, call it fate, call it what you like. If you were meant to meet then it will happen. Don't ever get hung up about meeting the perfect or love of your life, as opportunities will just pass you by...

    • What if it there wasn't someone else? What if it was for them to go through a transformation?