What do you do when your boyfriend seems like he's losing interest?

It's so complicated with us because his dad doesn't like me and told him he'd kick him out if he didn't stop dating me. Well now we're doing a secret... Show More

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  • Firstly, he needs to tell his father to get over himself and allow you two to be happy.

    He does not spend enough time with you and this could be the main reason for the "lack of interest". My girlfriend and I went through a rocky patch recently and it had to do with her thinking I was not interested anymore. I have never stopped loving her and I am and always have been interested in her. We didn't see each other enough and that casued all the issues. I see her more now and it makes the world of diffirence. If you think that you must spend hours together every day, you are wrong. I spend 20min with her everyday and every other day we spend a few hours together. Weekends, well I'm with her the entire time.

    It is up to you at the end of the day. If you can not get past the dad story or your boyfriend does not want to cause issues with his dad, then I am sorry to say, your relationship is not going to get better. I promise you, a father has more influence than you think. Use it, don't use it...

    • Thanks it's nice to get some advice from someone who has been through the same type of thing with the lack of interest...maybe it's a girl thing. I like to be told over and over again why someone loves me. And my boyfriend feels that if he's said it before than that's the only time he needs to say it. But I just like to hear it. That's one of the couple of reasons we've been going through a rough patch. I just can't tell what is too much and what I want to have in a relationship. ughhh