Long distance relationship but nothing to talk about!

I met this guy and we've been dating for a little over a month. I am 19 and he's 23. We live 2 1/2 hours away from each other and it gets hard at times. When we see each other in person we talk all day, about everything and anything and I love it! But when were texting and/or on the phone its like I don't know what to say to him and I feel bad. He's a lot more outgoing than I am anyway so he's always talking more than me. Also is it okay to not talk 24/7 when in a long distance relationship? I want to be okay not talking to him all the time but I feel like there's something wrong with that...

Please Help!

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  • Good for you trying to make a long distance relationship work. It's not easy, but talking all the time isn't necessary. You want to try and talk for a while every night and say goodnight to one another. The key to long distance is trust more than communication. I had a long distance relationship, that failed because we disagreed on our future paths. I'm graduated from college and moving on and she refused to finish college because she was making excuses to why she couldn't finish it. Anyway, I knew she would never go behind my back because she was so in love with me. She knew I wouldn't go behind her back because with my relationship luck, I'd win the lottery ten times before getting a shot at sleeping with another girl. Don't sit back and worry. If you two know you can make it work, then you can. Seeing each other at least once a month does wonders. As soon as your visit it over, you're counting down the days till the next visit. Just remember to trust one another. Talk at least once a day but don't let it consume your time at work or with daily activities. You have to work to make it work and it's hard, but working hard is just part of it. Good luck.


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  • I spent a lot of time gone in the past, and maintained long-distance relationships successfully for many years, I think it's fine not to talk all the time. They each ended for different reasons, but none of them were from lack of interaction because of the distance. If you run out of things to tell him, ask him about things that are happening in his life. Don't feel bad about not talking constantly though.

  • Talking is great, but I prefer quietness rather than babbling endlessly.

  • Sometimes there isn't really anything worth saying. That's ok.

  • overcommunication is never good.

  • Try webcamming, it makes things feel more real. Also not talking 24/7 can actually be a good thing because when you talk too much, you run out of things to talk about... as weird as it may sound. I've experienced this before. Good luck :)


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