We fought, and she's hurt. Can things be normal again?

I've seen a girl for a little over a month now. We liked each other very much. Intense passion. She had a boyfriend that was cheating on her and has been abusive to her. I had a bad girlfriend as well. I broke up with mine a couple weeks in. I told her there was someone else. We grew very fond of... Show More

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  • I think things have become very intense for both of you. This began with her hiding from you that she was sleeping with someone else. Sadness and rage can make us do things we didn't intend, it stops us from thinking and the hurt guides us to act on impulse. What you did wasn't a good response to your hurt, and hurt her in turn, two wrongs pretty much seldom make anything right, but things can heal up again.

    You need to give her and especially yourself, time apart to recover first, let things cool down. I'd say a few weeks after this event. Then I would try talking to her. Start on a positive note to avoid any hurt and arguments, talk it through how you feel and ask her how she feels, plan together and set some promises to each other that you will be honest to each other, if you both decide to keep the relationship.

    If this doesn't work out (Takes two people to want to work things through) things have gone too far and it possibly won't work if you go back to a relationship where you feel you can't completely trust that person after they lied to you, and the same for her. Wait a little then talk it through if you feel you don't want to lose her.

    All the best.