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Do guys actually get scared off when a girl says "I love you" first?

I've been with my boyfriend a few months now. Things have been fantastic, and it feels like we've been together for years. Today I realized that I am... Show More

If possible, I'd prefer the opinion of MALES, not the opinion of FEMALES, particularly scorned females. If I thought a female perspective could answer this question, I wouldn't have needed to ask it because my own perspective is female. Thanks...

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  • If we've been in a relationship for a few months at least, no it wouldn't scare me.

What Guys Said 4

  • not at all

  • If I felt the same way about her, I wouldn't be scared off at all, I would be more drawn in. Now, some men may be scared off if you say those 2 little words and they don't feel comfortable with admitting it yet.

    Just tell him how you actually feel (like you said with your last sentences). The truth about your love is always better than hiding it and hoping he might knock first.

  • I'm wondering the same thing,

What Girls Said 2

  • he should know you well enough by now to know you mean well by it. if has scared he doesn't really want an emotionally rich relationship that's all. not everyone does. some pple just coast along for the attention or sex, then when it is time they leave.

    no one who respects feelings gets scared by them. you're not scaring him, you're just exposing that he's not really into it. why should you walk on egg shells or a guy who doesn't care.

    ig he cares hell be glad. if he doesn't then why should u.

    you need to have honesty and courage to say I love u. courage to gain courage to lose... you don't nee good timing to say I love u.

    • incidentally. females don't have _A_ perspective. and there are less similarities between members of the same sex, than there are members of different sexes. your sex doesn't determine how you think about the world.

  • Yes. It means she wants commitment. And guys fear commitment like the plague.

    • saying I love you just means I love u. I want a commitment has many more syllables. and if the guy is scared of commitment you can't be in a rel with him anyways so who gives a sh*t what you say.

      why would you stay with someone who is afraid of love.. you're going to lov him whether you say it or not. so your better off leaving... dignity and all that.

      theres no 'guys'. there are may diff men in the world, many love and love being with a person they love.

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