Girl loves her dog...

I recently started dating a girl (5 weeks ?) things have been going great. Spent the last weekend together over hers.

She has a dog that's been in her life for 10 years or so and is great. I like dogs and get on well with hers..she has said that the dog has always been her number one which is fine the one problem I found this weekend is...the dog sleeps in the room at night then jumps on the bed at 6am! Also when we last had sex the dog was in the room walking around the bed and then went a bit crazy near to the end and she had to calm him down which was a bit of a put off I then said it would be better to close the door she said he'll try open it to come in! Guessing this is because he wants to know she is safe! I do find it very strange how people would choose a dog over a relationship that could last a life time..

So my questions are...shall I tell her I don't want the dog in the room when I stay over? How do I bring it across in the right way? And also when we get active do I tell her I want him locked out the room?


Most Helpful Guy

  • tell her.

    i dealt with a similar issue with a girl who had a cat. I had the excuse that I am very allergic to cats so I told her that the cat needed to sleep outside the bedroom.

    you've just to talk to her about it. clearly you are sensitive to her feelings so just communicate delicately your desires. it's understandable her relationship with this dog but in order to have a relationship she may need to make some concessions. it will also be a good test to see how much she is willing to compromise on things regarding her dog. most people will be understanding and accomodating and others will be unwilling to, but this is a good chance for you to gauge how she will compromise on issues regarding the dog