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Girl loves her dog...

I recently started dating a girl (5 weeks ?) things have been going great. Spent the last weekend together over hers. She has a dog that's been in... Show More

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  • tell her.

    i dealt with a similar issue with a girl who had a cat. I had the excuse that I am very allergic to cats so I told her that the cat needed to sleep outside the bedroom.

    you've just to talk to her about it. clearly you are sensitive to her feelings so just communicate delicately your desires. it's understandable her relationship with this dog but in order to have a relationship she may need to make some concessions. it will also be a good test to see how much she is willing to compromise on things regarding her dog. most people will be understanding and accomodating and others will be unwilling to, but this is a good chance for you to gauge how she will compromise on issues regarding the dog

What Girls Said 2

  • I think you should definitely tell her, people don't always know what is on your mind until you come out and say it. Let her know that this really bothers you and you really don't want it to get in the way of a relationship that you can see lasting a lifetime. Maybe together you can google solutions. I know whenever I have issues with my pets, there's always some out there who has had the same problem and a great solution :)

  • You either tell her or you don't. Which is it going to be? Is this something you want to 'deal with' or is it something you want resolved? I would tell her. Plus, the dogs 10, you've probably only got 5 years left to deal with him lol

What Guys Said 3

  • You have two choices, 1. Incorporate the dog in to your love making. 2.Stick the dog in a box and drop him off at the shelter.

    • "1. Incorporate the dog in to your love making" Lol...QA please don't do this.

  • First of all, it's better if the dog is locked outside when you're having sex. A dog can freak out when he sees his owner, well, in that kind of situation (they don't know what's happening and can have a bad reaction). As for the dog outside the bedroom while you're staying... that's way more complicated. If the dog is used to sleep in her bedroom, you can't just lock him away when you're there. She should have to teach him to sleep outside always. Dog don't understand exceptions.

    And yes, if it's bothering you, you should totally talk with her.

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