Can 31 year old man be with 22 year old woman?

and have a real relationship? let's say she's a graduate student and he is already working. i know the age gap is not tiny, but is it possible that this man can want a relationship with her or is she too young for him to take seriously? i ask because I am the girl and I like a man that age. I... Show More

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  • You should let go of your issue with the age difference and focus on growing the relationship. Stop projecting all those thoughts and attitudes on him. It's not fair. If you can't get past it, ask him. The difference is no big deal.

    • he isn't a boyfriend, just a guy I know. I sense that there is chemistry between us, but I don't know if he would act on it, especially because I do wonder about the age difference (sometimes I feel so inferior next to him as he is older and a very smart guy, I would feel flattered if he wanted to date me), but it definitely does not bother me/i would give him a shot, if he was willing.

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    • well we do smile and make a lot of eye contact with each other. also he mirrors me and sometimes grooms himself or fiddles a lot when we are talking

    • This GAG thing is a pain. Since you're anon (which I think is smart in this case), I can't friend you so please friend me and we can swap messages/email to discuss this more thoroughly.