Why is she taking her frustrations/stress out only on me?

My female friend /my supervisor at work been one min loving me next cand my guts. It started when we wasn't talking so I starting hanging out with a female. We was drunk she called and her the girl talking sexually to me. The next day she called samething happened except this time she sounded sad... Show More

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  • Tell her how you feel about it, she's not gonna understand if you dont. She seems like a stubborn women, that is having a hard time relaxing. If you Tell her Then you can figure out how to help her, and Then you can get closer and closer to her. xD gl bro. Hope my advice helped you.

    • We're both stubborn. I already told her. I'm trying to hangout with her but she acting distant like always so I give her space. At work she always get on me and no one else. Smh she love me and want to be around me but then she don't want to see or talk to me even though I didn't say nothing or looked at her.