How do you know when your boyfriend and girlfriend?

I never really had a real relationship so I don't know how people get to that point of knowing. I mean I date a lot of guys all the time but it had never got to anything serious and now I been seeing this guy for 4 weeks now and he's done more with me than any guy. he calls me everyday just to say and we have sex all the time, he's taking me out, fixed dinner for me, I met his friends and I see him almost every day and he even introduced me as his girl one time last week. Are we together now? Cause I feel it is too early to say so. I mean I've never had a date go this long nor a date who wanted to see me so much and call me everyday. So are we getting serious? And how do I know when we are boyfriend and gf?


Most Helpful Guy

  • "There's no haste for true love" -- meaning don't set a time limit on when you and he are together ^_^

    Enjoy the time you have with him, and don't try to over-analyze things or plan out the future. Accept it for what your heart says it is; if you like this guy like you say you do, everything will be fine ^_^

    If it's starts messing with your head and you feel like you can't eat or sleep because you don't have an answer, asking him if you two are "official" would be a great way to approach the question -- Additionally, he shouldn't get mad about you asking, if anything he will smile.