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Why are so many women desperate for a relationship?

I never understand it. So many women are emotionally unstable now and days. They are so desperate for a relationship it's actually saddening.

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  • Well...we all dream of the perfect man. Most women don't want one night stand but need to be touched my a man. They also need the feeling, the love. Sure...it's sad when you want a relationship no matter the man.

    • I agree but I've seen women lower their standards to the gutter just to say they have someone.

    • As you said, it's saddening in this cases. Some women need that. They complain when men have sex with lots of women but they are serial monogamist. I know I'd rather have fun and one night stands than being in a relationship with someone who doesn't match me.

What Girls Said 5

  • I am married, but I would have to say I have seen equality amongst the desperation and the sexes, perhaps because I am the married person they come running to for advice.

  • Women aren't the only desperate ones

  • LOL what a funny post. I am 43, and walked away from the dating scene over a year ago after a divorce to get my life straightened out before I jumped into another crappy relationship. So no, not ALL women are desperate. In fact us mature ones are far from desperate. We will no longer 'settle" for less then what we want or deserve or we will stay single. Maybe it's your generation that is desperate?

  • No one wants to be alone

What Guys Said 2

  • it gets worse with age. especially since a lot of men die between 15-40. there are something like 10-15 million more single women in America then men over the age of 40

  • What I don't understand is the women who go out with players and douche bags and ignore the good guys.

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