Can guys fall in love without the sex?

Also are guys willing to wait o have sex if they want a true relationship and really like the girl?

And do you thin whether a guy would wait or not depends on previous experience, whether he's a virgin it whether he has lower sex drive. If that even happens in young guys.


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  • Yes, but many people could still walk away from love if the sex wasn't good or if other areas of a relationship are below standards. Love just like sex is important, but still only a component of a good relationship

    Many guys can separate sex and love. Most often the sexual feelings arise before the love. Emotional connection usually takes a while to develop and many guys won't wait long for the love to come before sex. Most will wait a 1-3 months and will request sex regardless of where the love is. Waiting for love is unrealistic. Waiting a few months to build the foundation for a good relationship is what people should do if they want a long relationship in my opinion.


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  • Yes and Yes ... I did

    • Same q? Can you give more info? (Details above)

    • I guess it depends yeah but let me talk about myself here..I'm ready to wait for whatever the one I love want to.. to be ready... so basically for me Love is something I can't control however Sex is something I can control in other phrase I won't have sex with some girl I'm not already in love with

  • i have, and I'm sure I will again. or at least I hope so. I find its the purist kind of love.

  • Please note that this is only an opinion.

    I think that it is very possible for both of these situations to occur. On a personal level, I could wait quite a while before having sex with someone, if I truly did love them (though I probably wouldn't want to).

    Thanks for reading my answer.

    • Ok this goes out to all you guys who answered yes... Can you give a bit more info? I'm blindsided! This must be the biggest con in history since I don't know any girl that thinks guys would wait and you're all saying yes! Wow. So how long would you wait and why would you? Would you see if you can convince her along the way? I seriously want to know!

    • I would wait until my thirties if I had to, after that I would probably just say lets do this! I would wait for several reasons. One being that I want my first time having sex to be the most amazing experience of my life, and if the girl isn't 100% committed then it's going to suck. I might try to convince a woman depending on how strongly she wants to stay abstinent.

  • For guys falling in love and having sex are fairly unrelated. Guys are willing to wait for a while (a few months to year) but you shouldn't expect a guy to give up commitment without being willing to give up sex. Ultimately a relationship is basically a transaction - sex for commitment.

  • YES!

  • Believe it or not if I found a girl I TRULY love I would wait forever because she would mean the world to me

  • I fell in love with my best friend and that had nothing to do with sex, just how good of a friend she is.


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  • yes there are some guys out there who honour love over sex and are prepared to wait.

  • girllllll gotta say, good question!

    • I reckon! My brain just practically exploded with the guys answers!

  • I'm guessing no but I'd be Interested to hear the guys answers

    • Hey sorry I've changed my mind...can they? Absolutely has happened all through history...are they willing to in this day and age? I'm guessing no

  • Depends on the guy, how used to having sex he is...his morals, standards and I guess maybe how much you mean to him as well all tied into one. I have to say though, the majority of guys won't wait.

    • I reckon they can love you without sex though yeah :)

  • Most will say yes