Can guys fall in love without the sex?

Also are guys willing to wait o have sex if they want a true relationship and really like the girl?

And do you thin whether a guy would wait or not depends on previous experience, whether he's a virgin it whether he has lower sex drive. If that even happens in young guys.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Yes, but many people could still walk away from love if the sex wasn't good or if other areas of a relationship are below standards. Love just like sex is important, but still only a component of a good relationship

    Many guys can separate sex and love. Most often the sexual feelings arise before the love. Emotional connection usually takes a while to develop and many guys won't wait long for the love to come before sex. Most will wait a 1-3 months and will request sex regardless of where the love is. Waiting for love is unrealistic. Waiting a few months to build the foundation for a good relationship is what people should do if they want a long relationship in my opinion.