Why do Guys have to be so mean after a break up?

Ok so here is my deal. My ex and I just broke up well about two weeks ago. We have been together for 5 years. He has had good and bad times. I am 26 and he is 52. I have a daughter and he has 4 daughters. He is an attorney so he travels all the time so most of our problems were the lack of seeing... Show More

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  • Just because he is older doesn't mean he is mentally mature and this guy doesn't sound he is. Every person is different and it could well be that's his way of dealing with breakups. A lot of girls do the same thing, so seems to be human nature when people are not mature enough to take responsibility for their actions.

    • I know this. But why do you think he would come back say I love you and just leave again? I'm confused. I love him and I'm sure he is with another women but I guess there is nothing I can do. Just hate he would not tell me why.

    • Well, I want to say he came back to you cause maybe he had another woman, that woman left, came back to you, found another woman, and left.

    • Very true! I'm realizing he is just a womanizer and I don't need it. Thanks for the help!