Describe the perfect girlfriend?

what would make a girl the best girlfriend ever? what is your dream girlfriend like? what are the best qualities a girlfriend should have?


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  • she'll be someone who's beautiful on the inside as on the outside she'll be sweet, loving, gentle, kind, sensitive, clingy, desperate for the right guy, decent, intelligent, good sense of humor, virgin, she will make ALL the first moves and including she will be the one who asked me out cause i will never do that, she'll let me and want me to "explore" her body and mind and tell me what she wants, not be trashy and not want kids, not use me for or think I'm for money, she'll be very happy and satisfied having me in her life, I'd be her "dream guy", she'll have the same or similar love and sex fantasies and she will marry me ASAP and keep me, and I'd get along with her, she'll be very charming and a total joy to be with

    • to user "Wiolette" usually a girls opinions/expectations on how a perfect boyfriend is doesn't always conform to what a guy really is

    • virgin is a little much...

    • Wow, that is a lot to live up to.. You will have a hard time finding a girl with all those things you desire, ask for. Just know that that girl also is going to have opinions on how a perfect boyfriend is. YOU have to live up to her expectations also.

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  • The woman I love is my description of perfect gf / wife / partner. If I could describe her I wouldn't be calling her goddess ;) :D

  • Someone that doesn't criticize me, and likes to do things to make me happy. Also she would be very cute, and loves having sex with me.

  • I want a dime! dats top of da line! cute face little waist wid a big bahind!

    • No... you should have heard this lady's story. I tooned her out after most of the bs, it involved some shit with the janitor too or some weird shit.

      Trust me, you'd be thinking wtf?

    • lol youd be surprised dude.

    • Also.. when you women lie... lying about stupid shit that makes no sense that you do to you seem more attractive.

      You know what I mean, I was at the store the other day and blah blah these guys kept starring at me and hitting on me saying how big their penis is.

      A girl told me this once, I was so annoyed. That kind of shit does not happen.

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  • Want a lesbians opinion?

    • Oh and of course good sex! Will indulge in my fantasies as I will hers XD

    • And for appearance: big eyes, healthy hair, modified (I'm attracted to pierced/tattooed girls) but not a deciding factor, hight doesn't really matter to me just as long as she's not too much taller or under 5'2lol, I like my girls to have a bum. If a girl is bigger than me which I don't mind at all she has to have boobs that match the rest of her curves, I don't mind long legs too XD I like a pretty face basically, and a girl that grooms her self well.

    • i love the lord of the rings part ahaha! thank you for the response (:

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