Describe the perfect girlfriend?

what would make a girl the best girlfriend ever? what is your dream girlfriend like? what are the best qualities a girlfriend should have?


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  • she'll be someone who's beautiful on the inside as on the outside she'll be sweet, loving, gentle, kind, sensitive, clingy, desperate for the right guy, decent, intelligent, good sense of humor, virgin, she will make ALL the first moves and including she will be the one who asked me out cause i will never do that, she'll let me and want me to "explore" her body and mind and tell me what she wants, not be trashy and not want kids, not use me for or think I'm for money, she'll be very happy and satisfied having me in her life, I'd be her "dream guy", she'll have the same or similar love and sex fantasies and she will marry me ASAP and keep me, and I'd get along with her, she'll be very charming and a total joy to be with

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      best response so far, thank you! (:

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      virgin is a little much...

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      to user "Wiolette" usually a girls opinions/expectations on how a perfect boyfriend is doesn't always conform to what a guy really is