Does a physical relationship mean, I cannot expect much more?

I have now entered into a relationship with the man of my dreams for just over a year now. I do not feel I want to take it serious with him, however, when he is honest about the relationship, that he just wants to be physical, my emotions run wild with anger. I have two teenage daughters, the eldest lives with me, she finds it difficult to accept my new relationship, her way of protecting me, so it is difficult for all individuals to accept such complications, the man of my dreams also has a 4 year old girl, to whom the mother is consistently trying to claim him back. My concern is that I am confused to the mixed messages he sends out to me, as I have tried to call off our relationship on a number of occasions, which in turn, reels him in even more, he don't seem to want to let go, and of course likewise. I do have feelings for him, but feel if I explain them, he will distance even more as he points out we are not a couple, but likes the physical intimacy with me. As you can imagine, there is a very confused women wondering what is going on here. I don't want to lose the sweet guy who allows me to get in touch with my womanhood and feminine side, he also responds to my feminist views if I have expressed concern to his statements.



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  • sorry to hear your going through that..but from what I'm reading I don't think he is sending mixed signals honey. FIrst of all of course he doesn't want to let you go he like being able to just hav sex with you or being physical. What man wouldn't want that? Also he has told you he just wants the physical thing and points out you are NOT a couple, and you arent. Woman are different we get attached but don't you think you deserve more then this. You get mad because you know what this mean but you want him to want more when he simply doesnt. Let him go this isn't a relationship like you called it. Why add stress or potentially do damage to you daughter for nothing. They aren't excepting cause they can see this arrangement and guy for what he is...Let him go and find a man who WANTS to be with you and your girls!

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      I do deserve better and he has told me this, he told me he don't want to hurt me, which it does as I am attached emotionally, can handle my emotions. I don't introduce guys to allow my daughter's to see the using gits, lol.