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My boyfriend doesn't always text me back right away?

My boyfriend doesn't always text me back right away, sometimes hours later. Does that mean anything? I get really annoyed after awhile because I feel... Show More

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  • He's probably busy doing something else. He could be talking to someone or eating or something. I think about that all the time when I text people and I don't get the answer but just because your sitting around or whatever doesn't mean that's what he's doing too.

What Guys Said 2

  • Maybe he's busy. Maybe he's driving. Maybe he's talking to someone else. Maybe he's on the phone.

    Maybe your text is meaningless and he doesn't have anything to say? Maybe he's busy f***ing his other girlfriend?

    Why don't you ask him? Odds are it's nothing, and its not a big deal to him. If you care so much, let him know.

  • He could be driving. lol

What Girls Said 3

  • It probably doesn't mean anything at all. I know lots of guys that don't text back for hours. One of my friends sometimes takes an entire day to get back to me lol.

  • Mine is exactly the same xD sometimes he replies straight away but sometimes he can take up to 4/5 hours xD it annoys be but I've gotten used to it..he does care, guys just aren't great with technology like that ; )

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