He's not ready for a relationship but continues to call me?

My ex of 2 years broke up with me 3 months ago but he keeps calling me. I told him to stop calling so many times but he still calls me and asks to hang out. Recently we met up and he told me he likes my company but he's not read for a relationship. I never call him but he always calls me. I don't give him any sex and I'm not going to and he knows that.He told me he still likes me but doesn't want to be WITH ME he says.. at least right now. And I'm not planning to wait. Why does he keep calling me even when I told him ill call him when I'm ready? Its so confusing because I even told him to get over and stop calling but he wont. He will call me every week almost. Why is he keep doing this? Its been freaking 3 months since we been over.